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January 10, 2008

What are eight things you don't know about me?

Lee Aase tagged me on the eight things meme. The deal with this one is that you're supposed to tell your readers eight things they don't know about you.

Sorry, Lee. Been there; done that.

The nice thing about these memes is the opportunity to share some link love, so here goes...

  1. Dave Sabol
  2. Matt Baehr
  3. Kristi Graves Donovan
  4. Helen Thompson
  5. Maddie Grant
  6. J-Nott
  7. Jackie Huba
  8. Cindy Butts
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Maddie Grant said...


Thanks for the tag!

Helen said...

Here's mine:

Eight things

Here's another one I did last month at one of my more obscure LJs:
8 things part 2

LeeAase said...

Somehow I had missed your August post...that might have been just before we ran into each other in the blogosphere. I had tried to tag those who hadn't been tagged...but I guess I didn't look that far back. I guess this meme has been going a while. Oh, well.

I had you pegged as more of an Orange/Navy Blue bathroom guy, though.

Ben Martin, CAE said...

@Lee - Quite possibly. Enjoy Phoenix! And if I had my way, there would be a lot more orange in this house, but that doesn't appear to be likely at this point.