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March 22, 2005

13 tips to help you pass the CAE exam

Here is an index to all 13 of my tips to help you pass the CAE exam:

Tip #1: Take the CAE Immersion Study Course
Tip #2: Become a 60-year-old white man
Tip #3: Back to basics
Tip #4: The Final Four
Tip #5: Best vs. First
Tip #6: Best vs. Easiest
Tip #7: The Leadership Hierarchy
Tip #8: When the chair DOESN'T intervene
Tip #9: Be prepared to do some math
Tip #10: Wisdom on practice tests
Tip #11: CAE links
Tip #12: Talk it out
Tip #13: Read the candidate listserve archives

1 comment:

Teshia Birts said...

Thank you for the post, Ben. It's too funny that I was just going to give you a "kudos" on my blog when I saw your comment within mine!

If you are studying up for the CAE exam, please read Ben's 13 tips and I've heard everyone tell how important it is to take the immersion course!

Thanks again!
T. Birts