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April 29, 2005

Wrap of yesterday's conference call

Thanks to the roughly 18 folks who participated in the Emerging Leaders Learning Community's conference call yesterday. If you missed it, fear not! You can listen to the call by downloading the mp3 recording (23 MB download).

I was asked to post the few links to my blog that I submitted in the chat room regarding the CAE exam. In keeping with my 13 tips to help you pass the CAE exam, I thought I'd compile the 13 "best of" posts from Passing the CAE exam blog here for you today.

  1. Why become a CAE?
  2. How I studied for the CAE exam
  3. The CAE application
  4. Reading the textbooks
  5. Done with all the books
  6. The Center for Association Leadership's CAE Immersion Study Course
  7. One week before the exam
  8. Three days before the exam
  9. My thoughts 30 minutes after the exam ended
  10. Waiting for the results
  11. Sneaky ways to find out if you passed - disproved
  12. Finding out I passed
  13. How does it feel to pass?


Anne Paul said...

Ben, it was great to have you on the call. It really helps others to visualize the entire process from the words, readings and thoughts of others. I certainly has helped me gain insight about what to expect. It was a very cool meeting, and the fact that it its "blog worthy" makes me feel all that much more confident that we did a good thing for the association community. Thanks!

Ben said...

Thanks, Anne. It was fun for me too. To anyone on the fence about the exam: Go for it!